Senses Redefined | a Gem on the Emerald Coast |Mukul Beach Golf and Spa | Nicaragua Central America

Cruising Review 20170312:
The ocean is like a mysterious woman, who always challenges you with ever-changing romance, allure of adventure, a new beginning at every dawn, and a canvas of tranquility at each sunset. The ocean is what defines the incredible setting at Mukul.

The environment embraces the resort in a symbiotic relationship which balances out hospitality and nature.

Trails are delicately woven into the tapestry of the hills which bind vistas of land, sea and sky. The escarpment was so lovingly developed that it blends harmony between the environment with purpose. This allows a peaceful coexistence of hospitality between the visitor, and the surroundings which provide such splendor from each sunrise to each sunset.

It’s this charm which truly sets this resort apart from anything in the world.

At nightfall, the Moon and stars ply the heavens above, illuminating the pounding surf below, with aural and visual magic.

It’s the rhythm of the sky and the ocean, which have made the resort its home. From sunrise, when the fragrant scents of the land combine with the ocean breeze, your day begins.

Your tastes come alive, as a palet of flavors rejuvenate your inner self. The surroundings become food, as it embraces your soul.

As the golden beams of sunshine illuminate the day, your adventure may be as simple as turning a page, and gazing towards the horizon.

Or learning to ride a wave, which started a continent away, just to unleash it’s energy one last time before rolling on the sugary soft beach.

Challenge yourself to captivate the wave, and share it’s energy, especially knowing that each roll, as it curls its last breath, made a journey thousands of miles just to greet you.

This symbiotic relationship is what defines Mukul.

Harmony and peaceful coexistence with the environment, which was so lovingly combined in a tapestry of development, the resort is one of the few destinations in the world that provide a journey at the destination.

In so many words, those are some of the senses redefined, that you will experience at this wonderful place.

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