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Why Do I Cruise, And What Do I Do To Help ? I cruise, because I love the ocean, interaction of meeting new people, and want a great view of a sunset. I have a electric ship design project, where I’m designing and innovating new concepts for sustainable living at sea based on a solar powered catamaran. See: https://electricship.com  As an inventor, I also have some revolutionary projects which recycle waste heat to make power, and even make low-grade heat accessible to make power through solar thermal, or even recovering heat from computer server farms. Unfortunately, nobody will fund such projects, so they are mostly dormant. Back in 2004 I invented a process which takes liquid CO2, and made fuel grade ethanol, methanol, and butanol (via a reverse fuel cell). Competing with a oil-based economy, and oil-based greed, is virtually impossible for a small business.

JetSetCruise (travel review blog site of CruisingReview.com) originally was set as the travel planning site for Bora Bora Cruises. Unfortunately, the wonderful superyacht cruise company in French Polynesia went out of business. We are now making JetSetCruise a live photo update to our travel site, CruisingReview.com

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Pepe: Innovator in the world of alternative energy, CO2 to energy, electric catamaran design, inventions, travel reviews, a commercial pilot, and an expert in Filemaker database development (including iPhone apps). He runs many businesses and has a machine shop in the Pacific Northwest to build energy systems.

No Advertising: you will note that our website is free of advertising, junky social media tags, and annoying pop-ups. The CruisingReview.com website originally started off as a project to develop a comprehensive travel review blog based on Filemaker database software (databases are the best way to organize huge amounts of data such as photos and reviews), but then became a passion. After all who doesn’t like traveling ?

Tia Moana and Tu Moana were the two flagships of Bora Bora Cruises. They have since been sold and are in other parts of the world. I was lucky enough to do two cruises on Tu Moana. They were the jewel of French Polynesia.