Embarkation – MSC Bellissima

Embarkation | MSC – Bellissima | Friday | Dubai | UAE Today we embarked on the MSC Bellissimo in Dubai. Embarkation was painless and fairly seamless. The rest the day wasn’t so much. Since we were group at six we wanted to be tracking bracelets, so we could figure out where everybody was. Getting them […]

Next Cruise: Dubai on the MSC Bellissima

Looking forward to our next cruise adventure on the MSC Cruises ship, the MSC Bellissima. While there were a good selection of cabins the day before Thanksgiving, the day after, most were gone, and several weeks in December were simply sold out. I guess everybody decided to go on MSC over Thanksgiving ! The fares on Emirates for Business Class also doubled, as flights were booked (mostly from cruise ship arrivals). Word to the wise, book before a holiday, and if you’re booking flights, I recommend early booking for Business Class, or book Economy and hope for paid upgrades and space available.