Pro Flight Tip – How to Avoid Getting Sick on Flights

I’ve only been sick (cold) twice while traveling in the past 20 years. Most of this is due to maintaining a healthy diet, and doing your best to avoid catching the bug while traveling. On my recent trip to Tahiti, all of the flights going there were full of people coughing, wheezing, sneezing, and generally […]

The Renaissance of Air Travel is Over

On my recent flight to Tahiti from San Francisco on United, there were only two classes, business and economy (B787 Dreamliner). From conversations with various United staff over the past year, their business model is going towards a two-class structure. Upon further digging, they simply were not getting the revenue from First Class (mostly upgrades). […]

The Brando

Summary: The Brando is an amazing resort, but as we found on this trip, it’s also a work in progress. Our first visit a few years ago was fantastic. There were a few items to work on, but over all great. This visit was a different story. The management staff has failed to hone in […]