Imanta: Paradise Lost. The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.

Imanta Resort is the most architecturally stunning and wondrous natural setting in Mexico. It’s like a Mayan temple has risen from the forest to meet the ocean. The rolling pipeline surf provides a relaxing white noise as the sea comes ashore. Three Times the Charm: I’ve been to Imanta three times now. The first experience […]

Geneva Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland is a great starting point for touring the country. With a train station right at the airport, you can get to the alps in a few hours.

Electric Ship Project

The Electricship website ( started off as a project to develop a comprehensive renewable, affordable, modular electric ship. In my travels, I met many inspiring people, who encouraged my passion for inventing, and thus led to my developing alternative energy systems and concepts. I’m a fan of Nicola Tesla, and a innovator in the world of alternative energy, […]